Seiko Presage Blue Enamel Limited Edition

The inspiration

This new Presage creation is inspired by the sky at night and Japan’s fascination with the moon. It combines Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking and Japanese craftsmanship in the form of enamel, expressed for the first time in a rich blue dial.
The golden crescent moon on the reverse end of the second hand moves gracefully across the blue dial, just as the moon moves across the night sky in the high mountains of Japan.

Japan and the Autumn moon.
A lasting fascination.

From time immemorial, Japan has been fascinated by the moon and, during the Heian period (794-1185), the nation’s reverence for the moon’s beauty found expression in the creation of a ceremony, timed to coincide with the period of the year when the moon shines brightest. The nobility of Japan would gather in the open air when the moon was at its height and recite poetry that extolled the beauty of the full moon, especially when reflected in the water of lakes, rivers and the sea. These Tsukimi ceremonies would often be accompanied by orchestral music, the eating of traditional Autumn foods and the drinking of sake, Japan’s rice wine. It is a tradition that has lasted until today and is widely observed throughout Japan.

The design

The heritage of Seiko and the tradition of admiring moon are both expressed in every aspect. They combine to create a watch that has a classical authority in its design but also a humanity and warmth that draws in the eye. It demands to be picked up, examined up close and experienced to the full.


This model expresses the beauty of a moonlit night sky with the deep blue enamel dial (sky) and the gold accent (crescent) on the tip of the second hand.

  • The shape of the hour markers is drawn from Seiko’s first pocket watch, the ‘Time Keeper’, made in 1895.

  • Classical hour hand and railroad minute track.

  • The large crown has deep indents to allow you to wind the watch easily and to enjoy the powerful torque of the 6R movement.

  • Crescent shaped tip with gold color powder, giving it a special texture resembling the moon’s surface.

  • The sapphire see-through case back also carries a gold tone accent.

  • The crocodile strap is in a deep blue to match the dial and has a delicate sheen to reflect light, just like the dial.

  • Each watch has its own serial number and ‘Limited Edition’ marking.

The precision craftsmanship of
Mitsuru Yokozawa

A veteran craftsman, Mitsuru Yokozawa began working with enamel in 1971 and has dedicated his life to the perfection of his art. The application of high grade enamel to a watch dial presents particular challenges. Because the surface of a watch dial is so small and as it is viewed at such close distances, the depth and evenness of the enamel has to be exact. Only by controlling every stage of the process and even adjusting the composition of the enamel in line with atmospheric conditions can a truly perfect dial be created. The creation of every Presage dial is supervised by Yokozawa and every single one is inspected by his experienced eye.
Yokozawa made the white dials so widely admired in the Presage Chronograph that was released in 2016. With the creation of this new blue dial, he has achieved an even more impressive feat of craftsmanship. As the viscosity of blue enamel is much higher, the skill required to achieve prefect evenness is all the greater.

Toki-no-Waza - The Artisan of Time


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Seiko Presage
Blue Enamel Limited Edition



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